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Soap or Cleanser?

Posted on March 23 2015

Your face is your calling card., it is what greets people first and you want your face to look great. Proper cleaning is at the top of the list for healthy facial skin care. Next question, do you use soap or cleanser?

Soap is economical and will get your skin clean but will dry it out. Most soaps have additives like deodorants and fragrances that are also harmful for your skin. Soaps generally have a high pH level and are on the alkaline end of the spectrum. Soaps will strip the important oils to your skin and could contribute to premature aging of your face.

Cleansers are more expensive but far more gentle for your face. Their pH level is much lower and more face friendly than soap. Be careful though, some cleansers will contain added fragrances that may irritate your skin.

Overall, you need a cleanser that will clean your skin without stripping the essential oils that your skin needs to remain healthy and youthful looking. You might give Nalpure Coconut and Honey Aloe Cleanser a try.

Do you have a favorite cleanser? What is it and why?


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