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Ugh The Soap Dish!

Posted on May 23 2015

Do you still have the trusty soap dish in the bathroom? You may want to get rid of it once you learn some things about it.

The purpose of soap is to remove the harmful bacteria from the skin on your face and hands. The soap doesn’t actually remove the bacteria. The bacteria have a tough outer shell that the soap cannot get through. So the bacteria really does not mind the soap at all.

The soap is really designed to remove the oils from your skin. These oils are naturally occurring and your bacteria just loves living and growing there.

The mechanical scrubbing with the soap and the oils diluted by the soap act together to remove the harmful bacteria from your skin and leave your hands and face bacteria free.

However, some of the bacteria is thrilled to be on the soap and transported to the soap dish. Usually a soap dish will have some moisture in the bottom along with diluted bar soap. This is a great breeding ground for your bacteria to prosper.

Then, the next time you want to use the soap bar to wash your skin, the bar will already have its own colony of bacteria growing on it. By using the bar of soap you will be exposing your skin to larger numbers of bacteria than before.

If the dish is not cleaned and the soap bar not replaced then the bacteria will become ever stronger over time. This could lead to skin problems such as rashes, acne, and other break outs.

It is much safer and more sanitary to use a liquid cleanser with a pump dispenser to get your hands and face clean. This will prevent the spread of old bacteria back onto your skin and help prevent future skin problems.

Nalpure Care does have a liquid Coconut Cleanser that can do the job if you need a liquid cleanser.


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